Sunday, October 28


I want a trainer.

Wednesday, October 24

Lost a lb

I'm not gonna go so hard that one slip will make me feel like a loser. I'm gonna work my way to the top.

Monday, October 22


18 more pounds till goal! 15 more till I kick my bfs ass in our competition!! Must do this!!
I'm back on itπŸ˜‹πŸ’ͺ

Thursday, July 12

Becoming lazy again...

about working out. What should I do? AHHHHHHHHH
Maybe when we move, the gym will be an encouraging factor :)

Wednesday, July 11


being at work all day on my feet makes it very hard for me to workout because my feet be hurting so bad.. but yesterday I weighed myself and I've lost a total of 10lbs.. now to keep up the good habits. I ate fast food today (from my job) & yes it was good but half way through and afterwards I felt sick. It's not the same anymore. I am officially done with fast food. Hopefully, I can do what I've been doing.. (when I'm not being overworked) and lose another 10lbs before AUGUST to meet my goal!

I been eating fruit for breakfast every day :)
& since we're moving Saturday I'll have a gym to go to! YES, LORD.
& a pool - I'm too excited about itttttt.

Wish me luck, as I'm doing for you.
I want a bad ass body and sitting on my ass won't get me there.
I literally say HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT? when I feel like giving up ;)

Saturday, July 7

working hard.

working so much, and working out.
Today is my first and probably last day off.
I'm going to bathe in it.
But I'm not going to make that an excuse to slobbering on junk.
I'm on mission. I have goals.